Do you get easily distracted when working on practically anything? Is your phone a huge distraction when your focus should be anywhere but? Use the time-lapse camera recording feature on your phone to pull your focus away from your phone.


Find the time-lapse feature in your phone’s camera app, choose the frame (could be of yourself or of your view), set it and most importantly, forget it.

The results

The above is gif of baby-faced me working on my thesis circa 2019, and to be honest, I wrote a bulk of my thesis using the time-lapse feature


Distraction free environment

Well, the primary reason to…

Vulnerable about it

I recently scheduled an appointment with a psychologist because I wanted to speak to a qualified professional who also has a neutral frame of reference (on the topic of my life). I also wanted to develop healthy-(ier) coping mechanisms, get fresh perspective, and ultimately just wanted to have a moment to vent, without any (necessary or familiar) filters.

All in all, I have the opinion that everyone carries experiences, processes, etc. that should be unpacked, and further, I think most people would benefit from a few sessions with a therapist anyway.

These are a few things I learned.

1. Compare yourself, but only with yourself

Often enough…

A series about being vulnerable throughout my life

In 2019 one of the first articles that I had ever posted went semi-viral on Medium. It was picked up by a publisher before I even knew that was a thing (I still don’t know how that works) I was BEYOND excited, it was completely unexpected. It got picked up by Prototypr.io, don’t ask me why.

Here it is, in all its glory:

At the same this, this spontaneous occurence set a precedent in my mind and left me paralized. For almost a year, I didn’t write.

Why didn’t I write anymore?

1. Unattainable goals

After not writing for 6 months I decided that writing really was what I wanted, and what I was (considerably)…

Online courses

After just the first week module

On April 15th Coursera turned 9, which consequently means they are offering 9 courses for free, for a limited time!

Hurry, as these courses are available until April 30th!


“Coursera is turning 9 and we want to celebrate with you! Your drive to #LearnWithoutLimits is why we’re here. To celebrate, we’re highlighting 9 courses and offering you a limited-time opportunity to earn a free certificate for one of these courses: https://bit.ly/3tgUXxDbit.ly/3tgUXxD

The courses offered vary widely and you are sure to find something that piques your interest. I’m eager to complete at least two! Firstly, I chose the Financial Planning…

A series

Stories of strangers who were in my life for a brief moment, but in my mind for the foreseeable future

On my birthday, my friends and I set sail on a midday catamaran off the coast of Aruba. It was a beautiful sunny day. We knew no one on the boat outside of our friend group.

Towards the end of the cruise, I befriended two American sisters who were vacationing in Aruba. It was a lot of chit chat, and I definitely didn’t get their names. One of them was wearing a white golf hat embroided with the word: Tanqueray.

Being inquisitive, I found out that Tanqueray is a british gin namebrand that is sold all over the world.


An in depth review of yet another app that has been enveloped into my life

For most of my life, I have enjoyed journaling and jotting things down at a whim.

  • I deface any book I’m reading by highlighting, underlining, dog-earing, etc.
  • At that, the Notes app is practically my mental headquarters, herein you can find pictures, grocery lists, ideas, book titles, the whole lot of things.
  • Sometimes SIRI is even used as a personal assistant to note things for me if I’m driving, or otherwise have my hands full.

You should see your mind as the sky. …

Truly, I was skeptical of the device. Thinking to myself: Am I really going to add another screen to my life? Yet another one that I pay way too much attention to? (Short answer: Yes.)

Being fond of physical activities and wanting to improve my overall health were markers for the decision, but what pushed me over the edge was my next obsession. I am especially fond of being able to measure, a personal slogan of mine is:

To measure, is to know.

So, long story short I was gifted the Apple Watch SE by my parents.


Honestly, it’s only in the last 30 days…

My LITTLE sister is turning 20 but that’s an entirely different dilemma

April has rolled around again, and many countries are going through a third or fourth wave. It’s a strange time we’re living through, but there is a lot of hope too! Vaccination programs have been massively rolled out in many countries.

However, time doesn’t stop for anyone and in the meanwhile it’s my sister’s second pandemic birthday. Her 20th! She lives in the Netherlands and she happens to be safely tucked away in preventative quarantine.

Turning 20 is a big deal and not being able to celebrate a…

Finding strength in the absence of social lubrication

The start of the Journey

The approach to trying out the #sobernaut journey coincides with lent, actually. You might wonder what lent is so here’s some knowledge from the free encyclopedia.

“The purpose of Lent is the preparation of the believer for Easter through prayer, mortifying the flesh, repentance of sins, almsgiving, simple living and self-denial.”

Lent is an inherently religious practice, however, your participation doesn’t have to be. Its forty day length is the perfect time to practice abstinence from anything you so wish in your life.

After all: Anything you can’t fast from, you are a slave to.

Why Alcohol

In a certain sense I have been feeling for a long time now that alcohol is a…

Satisfying my hunter-gatherer brain one trip to the supermarket at a time

Recently I started a job that demands more from me in the hourly range. Previously, I would fast & then have a proper lunch. Sometimes fasting from the morning, now however I work through the lunch break and finish around 2 pm. Fasting through this is hard and seems counter-intuitive and figuring out what to do instead in order to nutrure my body has been a struggle.

There is a key factor that plays a role:

  • I DO NOT enjoy cooking (I can’t cook and I don’t care). You will not see me prepping meals days ahead of time. Or even cooking when I get home. The best I…

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