App Acquisition: Murmur

An in depth review of yet another app that has been enveloped into my life

For most of my life, I have enjoyed journaling and jotting things down at a whim.

  • I deface any book I’m reading by highlighting, underlining, dog-earing, etc.
  • At that, the Notes app is practically my mental headquarters, herein you can find pictures, grocery lists, ideas, book titles, the whole lot of things.
  • Sometimes SIRI is even used as a personal assistant to note things for me if I’m driving, or otherwise have my hands full.

You should see your mind as the sky. Your mind is the “blue” part (there is no measurable start or end) and your thoughts are clouds that are passing.

Thoughts can be grey, misty, foggy, heavy, billowing, and even positively or negatively charged. But what ultimately always remains true is that they are:

  1. Passing
  2. Fleeting
  3. Ever changing
  4. Unpredictable; you never know what’s next.
  5. You can’t hold on to them
  6. Immeasurable

As humans we have thousands, and thousands of thoughts a day. Some sources cite 6,200, others say as much as 70,000 thousand a day, others say between 10 and 15k. So, even if I do manage to jot down a fraction of those, thoughts will escape anyway (wish we could just get a transcript of our thoughts but alas, tech isn’t there yet).

Click here to cite different sources that indicate daily human thought amounts

In all honesty, regardless of pinpointing a number: My mind is a whirlwind, as I’m sure yours can be too. I owe it to myself to get some of it out.

In the meanwhile…..

I have gotten somewhat tired of……typing and jotting things down.

So, I had yet another thought….

What if I were to find an app that could listen to me speak. Kinda like therapy? (But nothing is said back, obviously)

Low and behold, Murmur: voice diary.

Murmur is an awesome voice dairy app that allows you to keep records of:

1. Your overall mood for a day

2. Up to 15 minute recordings per day

At first I downloaded murmur to document my days but I quickly realized that recapping my day, setting goals for the next day sharing, in confidentiality, just about anything with murmur right before I go to sleep functioned as a brain dump (which is a great thing).

Brain dump?

Ever had the opinion that your day is over but your mind is still racing with thoughts? You can’t think certain things away? Try the murmur app to brain dump aloud.

Towards the end of every daily recording, I feel as though my brain has dumped most of the day out. The information from the day is clear, organized, and processed. I realized that even my sleep got better after doing the daily task.

A recap of the benefits:

  1. Brain dumping
  2. Problem solving
  3. Better sleep
  4. Something to talk to
  5. Records of ever fleeting days and thoughts

Getting things off my chest through this app, did a great deal more for me than I expected.


Murmur is a straight-forward, easy to use app that records you and keeps track of your overall daily emotions, but a PLETHORA of alternatives exist. The simplest one being to speak into the voice memo app built into your phone.

However, you can also opt for Ulysses that transcribes your words, and checks spelling and grammar, too.

You can always opt to find what fits for you, trust me, that app is out there. And if it isn’t? We live in age where you can literally learn how to make an app and start TODAY if you want to, but that’s an article for another time.

Will you be downloading Murmur: voice dairy today?

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