Arranging a birthday celebration for my sister, despite her quarantine

My LITTLE sister is turning 20 but that’s an entirely different dilemma

April has rolled around again, and many countries are going through a third or fourth wave. It’s a strange time we’re living through, but there is a lot of hope too! Vaccination programs have been massively rolled out in many countries.

However, time doesn’t stop for anyone and in the meanwhile it’s my sister’s second pandemic birthday. Her 20th! She lives in the Netherlands and she happens to be safely tucked away in preventative quarantine.

Turning 20 is a big deal and not being able to celebrate a second consecutive birthday due to the state of the world………sucks. Luckily there are many amenities available to us in the modern world which could still supply some birthday pizzazz.

So, the amenities referred to are: Online Shopping and Express Delivery Services! The gifts delivered to her relate to three different categories: Love, treats, and gifts


The loved related gifts were ordered from, it’s an awesome website based in the Netherlands that offers the opportunity to send letters, flowers, chocolates, balloons, gifts, and drinks to anyone. In other words, the whole nine yards!

My sister received a lovely letter clad with birthday wishes from the people closest to her as well as a helium filled balloon with the simple message: “Happy birthday”.


No birthday is complete without special treats. My sister’s favorite is chocolate covered strawberries. Personally, I don’t understand the appeal but hey as it is said in Latin: de gustibus non est disputandum.

Anyway so, her treats were ordered from Polaberry Amsterdam who offer chocolate covered fruits in an artistic manner. (This description does no do their services justice, please see the image below.)

She was also able to indulge in a cake from a local bakery, Taarten4You based in Almere, the Netherlands.


Of course what birthday is complete without an array of birthday gifts hand-selected for the person on the receiving end.

For this section we opted for bol.


My sister has a lot of patience and has such an eye for detail. It was an easy choice to get her a paint-by-number set based on one of the works by Van Gogh, titled The Café Terrace at Night.

I wonder how hers will come out.

Write it out

Another gift opted for is the guided-journal that dared by Safron Jones. It’s titled Burn After Writing, and if you take just one gander at the prompts, you will understand why.


To offer her comfort she was gifted the ever popular: Sunset lamp. This lamp creates the ambiance and mood of a sunset during any season and time of day. This lamp can be directed towards a wall or the ceiling.

Picture screenshotted from an acquaintance


My sister loves watching films and after the tiktok trend where many people created “fake windows” using projectors this item came onto her want list.

Her projector is inexpensive while also offering quality images and a bluetooth connection to devices, which is great for a girl on the go.


A lovely Pandora gift set. A bracelet and matching earrings.


There were many alternative websites that could have been sought after for gifts, treats, and love. Here are a few of them hallmark, kado post and 21sweets, but really the list stretches almost limitlessly.

Quarantine is no reason to not feel special, loved and celebrated on a birthday. Nowadays, much can be arranged from halfway across the world ❤ .

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