How my apple watch has changed my behavior, for the better.

Truly, I was skeptical of the device. Thinking to myself: Am I really going to add another screen to my life? Yet another one that I pay way too much attention to? (Short answer: Yes.)

Being fond of physical activities and wanting to improve my overall health were markers for the decision, but what pushed me over the edge was my next obsession. I am especially fond of being able to measure, a personal slogan of mine is:

To measure, is to know.

So, long story short I was gifted the by my parents.

Honestly, it’s only in the last 30 days that I’ve integrated the apple watch into my life and started using it to it’s full potential.

Keep in mind I am not prepping for a triathlon, marathon, or anything of the sort. Even more so, I have since recently switched from high-intensity workouts to more low-impact, mindful and playful approaches to fitness.

In those 30 days I have had days where I worked out THREE SEPARATE TIMES*, just because the watch makes it so attractive to do so! (*went on a swim, did some yoga and went on a walk)

Apple Fitness+

I use the Apple Fitness+ feature, which was launched in September of 2020. With the world in the grip of Covid this app offers a complete at home fitness routine. At 10$ a month, this app is a steal IF you actually use it. The first month that I paid for the fitness+ feature I used it once……, but then I decided to start taking my health more seriously and I haven’t looked back since.

The Apple fitness feature offers yoga, rowing, dance, HIIT, cardio, etc. and I am 🤏🏼 this close to buying a rower to test out the rowing exercises offered on the app!

Honestly, I do not think I can emphasize how great of a tool the Apple fitness feature is!

The Rings

To be completely honest, closing my rings is what truly keeps me going. Apple offers a calorie ring, an exercise ring and a stand hour ring. You can set your goals as high as you want (or as low). The trick is to find a *sweet spot* between everyday doable that also pushes you to be better and to get creative with the completion.


Again; to measure, is to know. The watch offers amazing metrics for each exercise you conduct.

Going on an open water swim? Have you ever wondered how long you swam in freestyle? or breast stroke? With the apple watch you NEVER have to wonder again.

Going on a hike? Wonder how much elevation you gained? Sure enough, the Apple Watch will tell you.

Aside from those hyper-specific measurements that I was surprised to see it obviously also measures heart rate, distances, pace, and tracks your routes, too!

You can also keep track of what kind of exercise you did. Batminton? Sure. Tennis. Yup. Metered pool swim? Yes. Jump rope? Uhu! And so goes the list.


You mean, I can collect digital badges? For accomplishments? For streaks? For breaking my own records? That sounds foolishly futile. Count. Me. In.


Obviously the watch does a lot more than just measure physical exertion. You can use fun features like walkie-talkie-ing, checking IMs, Shazaming songs, calculating stuff with a mini calculator, and as the utilities are listed it seems kinda crazy to think that all of that can be done with such a tiny (yet powerful) device (on your wrist at that!), while still managing to be aesthetically pleasing.

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