A series

The Strangers Who Occupy my Mind

Stories of strangers who were in my life for a brief moment, but in my mind for the foreseeable future

On my birthday, my friends and I set sail on a midday catamaran off the coast of Aruba. It was a beautiful sunny day. We knew no one on the boat outside of our friend group.

Towards the end of the cruise, I befriended two American sisters who were vacationing in Aruba. It was a lot of chit chat, and I definitely didn’t get their names. One of them was wearing a white golf hat embroided with the word: Tanqueray.

Being inquisitive, I found out that Tanqueray is a british gin namebrand that is sold all over the world.

Anyway, after a while I left them to it and continued to enjoy the cruise.

Towards the end of the cruise, as we were headed back to the coast a gust of wind blew the golf hat off of the young woman’s head and I happened to catch it.

Once we got to the coast, she told me I could keep it; as a birthday gift.

Thank you for the hat. I have already worn it countless times to the beach, with no end in sight. It’s a wonderful conversation piece.

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