Why eating like a grazer has worked for me

Satisfying my hunter-gatherer brain one trip to the supermarket at a time

Recently I started a job that demands more from me in the hourly range. Previously, I would fast & then have a proper lunch. Sometimes fasting from the morning, now however I work through the lunch break and finish around 2 pm. Fasting through this is hard and seems counter-intuitive and figuring out what to do instead in order to nutrure my body has been a struggle.

There is a key factor that plays a role:

So, I opted for various solutions that didn’t work (for me).

Getting meals plans delivered daily

Then, my grandmother started prepping meals for me

  • the portion sizes were too big and perhaps my grandmother offered too much comfort food (if such a thing exists).

Between these two options I was going out to have lunch, fasting anyway and binging unhealthily. So……

At a loss, and hungry……..

I realized exactly how much I enjoyed browsing the aisles and getting a little bit of everything I wanted. Some cheese, some protein, bread, fruits, vegetables…… then prepping it somewhat and picking at it throughout the day.

The benefits:

  • Everything is done and ready to eat within a few minutes
  • I can pick at it and keep myself satisfied while working
  • It all tastes so good
  • I feel healthy
  • I do not get fatigued throughout the work day because I have too much on my stomach

It’s been a long journey but I think I’ve finally found what works for me.

I’m going to be honest with you I pair this with a lot of water and I bring plenty of everything I want to eat. I’m not stunting myself in that region at all. It does also somewhat feel like charcuterie boards, and I enjoy those a lot, too.

I’m the farthest thing from a nutritionist, but here are a few of my “meals”.

Do you think this method could work for you?

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